Welcome to V1 Servers,

This is an initiative to keep SOF2 1.00 (Silver) version of the game alive. We are offering free servers to everyone.
All you have to do is to either contact Shoke ([email protected]) or Slidex ([email protected]) and apply for a free server.



** Send this over E-MAIL:

*Your SOF2 name:
*Your Country:
*Your age:
*For what do you want to use the server:

Please be patient, it can take up to 1 week for us to review your application and activate your server.

Why are we doing this?
Since our beloved game is no longer active and the player count is almost at zero.
we are trying to keep it alive by offering free servers to everyone.

For how long can i keep the server?
"forever" - or at least till we decide to stop providing servers.

Are the servers DDOS Protected?
Yes, We use Voxility's DDOS Protection.

Since we're providing the servers for free there is a quota of how many servers we can offer
If our capacity is full, we will no longer offer servers until someone decides that they
don't want the server anymore.